Why I Left My Instagram?

She still here.

Many have wondered, “where has @bonitaapplecrumb account gone?”.

Well, if you’re a true member of the crumb society. You’ll know that I’m right on over @batch2020tm posting, and putting together beautiful stories.

I had to take a break from all the noise of my @bonitaapplecrumb Instagram account. To re-focus more on batch2020.

What Does That Mean?

Keep reading bucko.

In a previous post I discussed how I have no issues with starting over. Turning off my Bonita Applecrumb Instagram was apart of that great reset. It’s liberating to me honestly. I encourage one to do that, it’s necessary.

I did this at almost 1600 followers which in the world of social media, isn’t much. I would have done it at 20,000 followers lol! When Chudney wants to Chudney, I will Chudney! And that simply means that I will step away.

I encourage this so much! Stepping away from the noise of social media is comforting, and relaxing! The amount of work I get done not focusing so much on content, is a breath of fresh air. I have time to study, cook with no intent on posting it, and stock up on inventory for Batch2020.

Doing It All!


Now, could I do all of this simultaneously? Why sure! Being an entrepreneur you have to posses that ability to multitask. And as a mom that kinda comes naturally. But not at the price of my peace.

These days running a business and having a product is not enough. You have to become, photographer, stylist, videographer, marketing manager (I’m just scratching the surface of titles here). There’s so much you have to do and be, until you reach a level where you don’t have to do so much on your own.

Managing all of the necessary has to go one day at a time. And not to mention life outside of social media. I’ve been transparent about my health, my up and down relationship with my daughter.

Whenever those areas are stirred up, I step away and focus, pray, be still and take introspect of my life in its current state. For me that’s getting rid of distractions.


If we could be honest social media can get distracting! My Batch2020 page is so calm and chill, I’m not even mad that only 156 people follow me there versus the almost 1600 on Bonita Applecrumb. As Bonita Applecrumb has been a slow steady climb, so is Batch2020 and I’m cool with it all.

The rat race is not! For me. There’s a sense of racing to the top in the world of social media, if you’re running any business you know this to be true. It’s exhausting to say the least. I signed up for it totally, but the beauty of it all, I have the power to say let me pause for a minute. That my friends, feels good!

Taking Care, Hit The Snooze

Hit it sis!

So, if you’re reading this I’m well, my health is pretty good these days all praise to God. I’m studying about ways to heal naturally through food and natural medications. I’m writing recipes and putting together gift ideas for the holidays.

I’m taking care of my skin that has taken a beating! From all the meds I’ve endured. Can I tell you a sista skin is thriving! I’ll talk in another post how I’ve achieved supple, soft, glowing skin again and what I’ve been using. In the meantime head over to @ batch2020tm on Instagram and follow my page. Until then, Bonita Applecrumb shall be snoozing.



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