Where Has September Gone?🍂🍁


Just like that, October is near! I haven’t finished September plans yet! Who’s with me?

We were literally just at the top of the month, yet here we are coming to a close of another month already. It’s insane how fast time moves when you’re still.

Arugula & Steak Salad

We’ve been quarantined for 8 solid months now everyday is like the day before. We’ve been bored most days, the kitchen has been getting a lot of attention, particularly the fridge. I’ve become an avid snacked these last 8 months.

Cleaning house..

This week I’ve purposed myself to lay off the breads and sugar. This week it’s all about eating cleaner and healthier. So today I cooked a heaping pot of chicken soup, loaded with rotisserie chicken, carrots, onion, celery, zucchini and gnocchi. Superb! That’s my way of cleaning house.

Mason Jar Salad

Tomorrow will be more veggies and possibly some healthy grains thrown in there. But honestly all I really want is a few donuts.

Sugar is my arch nemesis, not that sugar is a complete bad thing, it’s not the best thing for the body. Sugar is quite comparable to a drug, weening off of it takes time.

Bonita Fruit Salad

Now, don’t get me wrong Bonita will still be bringing the sugar for you, but I’ll also back it up with some healthy choices always.

Let’s start fresh! This week, what will you be leaving behind?


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