Let’s Chat About CBD?? With a little THC for good measure…


The trend has been cbd infused everything. From gummies to sauces, even skincare products. CBD has been the herb of choice.

If you’ve followed me as of late, you know that I’ve been infusing honey and oils. I absolutely love the way two foods become one. It’s truly majestic Honey is great all by itself, but throw in some hibiscus and lavender! My goodness it elevates the honey from superb to superior.


Raw Honey.

Honey by far is the one ingredient I enjoying mixing and matching with. Though I’ve never infused CBD in my products, I’ve toyed around with the idea of something CBD-ish.

Chocolate Chai Honey.

For now I’ll stick to the honey and continue to produce sweet masterpieces. Chocolate Chai is so deep and smoothly sweet. Add this into you cup of vanilla chai tea, heaven!

Orange infused honey, from what I’ve been told taste great on chicken. That’s actually a cool Asian appeal.

Hibiscus Melon is by far my favorite it’s so succulent and memorable. Eat it with whatever you like.

Have it with a cup of tea.

Hibiscus Fruit Tea.

Rose Lavender Honey, this honey is so delicately tasty. You get the lavender notes in between the subtleness of the rose. Pairs wonderfully with cheese boards aka charcuterie boards. I

I’m dreaming up of one more flavor to add to the infused honey. Definitely a seasonal fall taste apples, cloves, cinnamon. Allspice, those rich earthy spicy spices.

What’s your favorite fall flavors? How about your favorite tea? Let’s chat about it in the comments.


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