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It’s fall officially and I’m still scratching my head wondering where summer went. It’s a new season nonetheless new beginnings, cooler weather, fall colors. Everything changes longer nights and shorter days. Bring on the longer nights.

There’s no better time than fall to gear up and drink cozy teas. Whether for taste, or for the medicinal effects. Nothing soothes a scratchy throat like a warm lemon and mint tea. What can calm an upset stomach down better than ginger tea?

Exploring Bontanicals

By far, rose has been my favorite flower to play around with making tea blends. The smell of dried roses are amazing, so sweet and fragrant. Combine sweet fragrant rose with mint and jasmine tea! My goodness a match made in heaven!

Hibiscus, Rose and Pea Flower oh my!

Tea can be a combination of roots, spices, leaves, fruit and flowers. I’m learning that flowers are so nutritious and packed with antioxidants. With healing properties that aid in digestion and do much more. No wonder bees love flowers so much.

Dandelions are so nutritious and tasty! With its sweet earthy taste it compliment very well with chamomile and ginger. Lavender the smell of lavender immediately puts the mind at ease. It’s such an hypnotic fragrant flower, the relaxing benefits that comes from lavender is remarkable.

New Season

Needless to say I can go on and on about tea! This new season, I’ll be exploring with chais and orange teas chais are my favorite! I think a nice apple tea would be awesome as well I gotta figure that one out.

Are you ready for teatime? Let’s explore these wonderful flavors together and talk about it.


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