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About Me

Let me start of by saying Thank you! Lord, for allowing me the opportunity to do this. God is the Head Chief of this entire being of Bonita Applecrumb, to Him I owe the glory. And this is only the beginning. A big thank you to my family and friends for their continued honesty in my recipes.

Last but, certainly not least I would like to thank all those who have supported me in this vision whether big or small. Thank you!! You know who you are.


Like a cupcake life is sweet!

I am a proud New Orleans native , as most people who are from New Orleans. If you ever visited New Orleans you already know that food is one of the reasons you are there in the first place!


Sno-balls, King cakes, Crawfish, Seafood galore, beignets, and so much more is the culinary make-up to the eccentric city of New Orleans. Um, why am I sounding like a travel commercial? lol! I just love my city. Growing up there has fostered a love of culinary like none other no doubt. But, besides the beautiful cuisine of New Orleans, I was always open to try new foods at a young age. Exposure at a young age to other cuisines really prepared me to appreciate other eclectic foods such as Japanese, Indian, African, Thai and Lebanese food just to name a few.


Through the lens of my experiences, I love to create based off of those experiences, I’ve had over the years of tasting so many delicious cuisines. This will be a culinary expedition for us all! We will travel through the world with our taste buds and stamp our passports as we go! Listen, I’ve been a few place but, have yet to travel the world that is a dream I know will come to fruition. As for now we will journey through food going state to state and country to continent! Ya’ll ready? Let’s go!


Born and raised in New Orleans currently residing in beautiful upstate New York near the fruited plains. Wife to one hunky Man, and Mother to four beautiful kids who love to eat! When I’m not in the kitchen creating dishes, you can find me at the local farms, or hiking on trails with my family. I love music, head-wraps, and my new-found obsession is creating, and editing video’s.


God bless.


Bonita Applecrumb

Bonita Applecrumb

A New Orleans native currently residing in beautiful New York. My favorites past time is hanging with a bunch of cool kids and cooking delicious meals for them! When I'm not in the kitchen I'm usually in my local thrift store looking for photo props.

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