• Ahhh! Burgers 🍔 Another humble finger food that has infinite possibilities. Ground turkey, ground chicken, ground lamb and good ole beef is just one special part of what a great burger could be. Oh, and the toppings they should always be cute like you. Oh! the bun, the bun should be a brioche bun always! 🥑 🍅 🧀🐂 Happy hump day #foodies .
  • Berries are indeed one of the best Summer snacks. These little jewels can be adorned on cakes, dipped in dark chocolate, tossed in salads, turned into jams. I mean, what can’t you do with these?? How do you like your berries? .

To maximize the beauty and freshness of my berries. I like to soak them in vinegar, water and lemon juice for a few minutes and then rinse. They last longer in the fridge that way ♥️ #berry
  • How I felt after using my super coupon at Shop Rite and got 3 pints of @haggen_dazz ice-cream for $4. 
Moooo!🐄🐄 .
 @dojacat #bonitaapplecrumb #icecream #gotmilk #couponing #grocery #foodblogger #cowgirl #dessert #foodies #buzzfeast #huffposttaste #latenight
  • Good evening Taco Tuesday! 🌮 
The thing I love about this humble meal is it’s complexity and simplicity. Simplistic, as  chicken or beef. Complex as; deep fried Cod with kimchi aioli dressing and spicy-pickled red cabbage (whew).

The tortilla is but a blank canvas which allows you to get super creative with all sorts of ingredients. Are you eating tacos on this fine Tuesday? If so, what’s  your favorite taco to make?
  • You ever tasted”The Great American Cookie”? Cookie levels reached. 🤤 These will be in the cookbook 🗣I’m just gonna speak it into existence. .

#candy #tbt
  • Cookie time 🍪 I wonder when my younger kids are in their 20’s will Instagram still be around? If so, I’m quite certain they’ll only ghost follow my page to see what I baked. And I’m sure they’ll get a kick out of all the videos and photos, they helped me with along the way. .

How do I know they’ll ghost follow me? Well, my oldest lovely daughter confessed she views my page daily to show to her friends. I low-key felt duped and special at the same time🙃. But nevertheless I’m glad they are watching♥️ P.S

Hi Sincere👋🏽👋🏽
  • Birthday Cake 🍰. Often times I ask my kids to help me out during food photography sessions. Sometimes they’re eager, other times they’re reluctant. And the whole time I’m like, is it really that hard to hold a piece of cake on a plate?? Do you know how many kids (adults) would love to have your job? Once it’s over, the cake is theirs and I’m just happy to have nailed a shot! That’s a fair trade 🤝🎂 .

#desserttable #foodnetwork #foodgasm #culinary #eatcake #cakesmash #hautecuisines #forkyeah
  • Christina Tosi is amongst one of my favorite pastry chefs, along with @ohhhhkilla and a few others that I love and truly admire. .

The simplicity of her cakes are way up my cake alley, the focus is more on the inside than the outside. I did a rendition of her classic hit Birthday Cake in lieu of celebrating a very special birthday girl on tomorrow. Hey @ryyl3ighh it’s ya birthday weekend!! We’re gonna get cake wasted when I see you 🎈 .

Who’s your favorite pastry chef or home baker? 👨🏾‍🍳👩🏽‍🍳
  • #tbt I can’t believe it’s been 2 years already since I’ve started this food blogging experience. I truly go at my own pace and I’m still learning how to navigate in this wonderful creative space.  This cookie recipe was amongst the first few recipes I created for my blog. And you can find it in the archives on my blog under  or click the link in my bio. These are golden!
  • I made this for myself as a quick snack last night and invited my Husband to have a bite. Needless to say we shared it, it was delicious, it’s meant for two and the recipe is here for you, to enjoy with a friend. -

All you need is fresh ingredients that’s all folks. Healthy, and simple.
Swipe for the recipe and be sure to save it.😉
  • Fresh, Summery and delightful! 🥗

The dog days of Summer are certainly here and the last thing you want to do is turn on the burners! (Ramen noodles have been my saving grace in the kitchen!),and this delicious salad. 🥗

The combo of fresh watermelon with a quick pickled vinaigrette full of fresh ingredients and herbs. Paired with spicy baby arugula and zesty feta cheese is a kitchen winner!

For the quick pickled vinaigrette I diced; red onions, grape tomatoes, chayote and cilantro. -

Add rice wine vinegar, lime juice, some sugar, salt and pepper and sunflower oil. Combine all together in a mason jar and give it a shake. Fridge it for about 30 minutes. -
cube some watermelon, add to baby arugula, drizzle the  pickled vinaigrette and top off with feta cheese and a sprinkle of sea salt. I used a rosemary- lavender sea salt, cause I’m extra. 
Make it pretty and enjoy!
  • An oldie but goodie on this #tbt. Sautéed Kale topped with Crispy fried pink onion rings sprinkled with feta. Simply delicious flavors.

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Desserts/ simple desserts

Classic Homemade Buttermilk Strawberry Shortcake

Ah!! Summer! The longer days, the ripe trees and berries in all it’s abundance. This is the season to indulge yourself in everything berry, strawberry to be exact.

No summer is complete without having strawberry shortcake at least once throughout the season. It’s simply delicious and fun to make, instant smiles happen when you plate this up for your loved ones. Not to be confused with the equally delicious cake version, but we’re going old school style with this classic dessert. A delicious made from scratch biscuit will have you feeling like you been baking for years!

I’m quite proud about this  strawberry shortcake recipe. It took me so many trials and error to finally get a delicious, tender, and flavorful biscuit. I couldn’t be more delighted to share this with you all.

The biscuit has a nice subtle sweetness, filled with sweetened strawberries that creates a juicy sauce to drizzle for an eye pleasing experience. And of course theirs freshly made whipped cream that’s way to simple to make, so skip the cool whip and get your hand mixer out.

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culinary/ Dinner/ Lunch

Golden Brown Crunchy Fried Chicken

Oh Chicken! How I love you, you’re so flavorful and easy to cook. I can literally find 100 ways to cook you and never get tired of eating you. But you absolutely make me swoon when you’re fried— especially when you’re golden brown and crunchy, bursting with flavor!

Somebody loves their chicken! And truly, who doesn’t like fried chicken from time to time?? Even vegans sneak a piece of fried chicken every once in a while🍗 (your secrets safe with me friend).

But the real secret I will share is this fried chicken recipe. You won’t need a five dollar box after making this chicken! Well, at least for that particular day.

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Dinner/ Lunch

Dinner Made Easy Roasted Chipotle-Cilantro Chicken

This Bird is the word and making this “Chipotle-Cilantro Chicken”, can’t get no easier than this!

Rich, smoky, chipotle flavor matched with herbaceous cilantro brings flavor and more flavor to this simple roasted chicken.

The best part about this chicken (aside from eating it) is the simplicity of cooking it. Continue Reading…

culinary/ Lunch

Culinary Voice Contest


Vanilla Abstract Cheesecake

Hello all my foodie lovers! This foodie is on a mission to win a full culinary scholarship to ICE here in New York City! And I totally need your help with winning this full scholarship.

Here’s how you can help, vote everyday for me by clicking on the link on this page and sharing this post with all of your friends. That’s it!

I’ve been cooking all my life and it brings me great joy to cook and serve people. I’m a New Orleans native so there’s no question I love to cook!


Roasted Eggplant Soup

Let’s get this girl a scholarship!! Click this link to vote everyday for me I’d greatly appreciate it this is positive cause. And your vote means a bunch to me. Thank you all in advance!


Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with my journey to the full scholarship. This will be exciting!

appetizer/ Vegetarian

Copy Cat Zea’s Mediteranean Hummus Dip

In life, I believe there is a time when your body must reset. Whether it’s going vegan, juicing for a week straight, or adding a copious amount of fresh vegetables and herbs to your diet. It’s a natural necessary adjustment and my “Copy Cat” version of Zea’s famous Mediterranean Hummus Dip, is sure to get you snacking in a healthy and delicious direction.

Hummus have become a popular go-to snack and with so many ready- made versions available, they’re not hard to find in stores. My version of hummus takes an ordinary store-bought hummus and transforms it into restaurant quality hummus dip!

Who knew by adding fresh ingredients such as:

  • Roasted Garlic Cloves
  • Chopped Red Onion
  • Diced Tomato’s
  • Lemon Juice

Can be so sophisticated?!


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Dinner/ Lunch/ Soups/ Vegetarian

Hot Soup For The Soul

Winter has definitely reared it’s cold, bitter head in the North! These days I just want to hibernate like a bear with the Netflix remote and! Eat plenty of hot soup.

I couldn’t be more delighted than to present to you this remarkable dish coined ” Curry Veggie Soup”.


Winter’s can be a challenge to staying on track, the body seems to crave all things comfort. Between Holiday’s and blistering cold days, I tend to want all the carbs God has ever created! The best way to curb those cravings is cooking up a big pot of hearty soup. Continue Reading…


Peaches & Sweet Cream No-Churn Ice Cream

I scream for ice cream at least once a week (covers my face in delight), and now that I can completely make this on my own make room in the freezer cause it’s going down for sure!

No churn ice cream

Ice cream dreams!

My hungry heart has always wanted one of those really cool and expensive ice cream makers up until now. For this simple recipe all you need is a freezer, a few ingredients, and a loaf  pan. That’s it!

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Salads/ simple desserts/ Vegan/ Vegetarian

Bonita’s Simple, Fresh Fruit Salad

Salad season is upon us in a big way and if you’re like me I love-making the most out of it. A salad is not limited to just lettuce and tomato, fruits can be a spectacular salad hence making it a fruit salad.


Colorful and delicious fruit salad.

What elevates this fruit salad is the wonderful dressing that accompanies it so well.

For the dressing I use one lime squeezed, half of a naval orange, agave nectar, cardamom. Simple and quite luscious.

This salad is ideal for any sort of gathering. Think a wedding, brunch gathering, a tea party, or in a big bowl at home on a Saturday morning. Tasty all by itself, but even more delightful as a topping on a nice slice of cake! Continue Reading…


Pasta Linguine Bonita, Simple and Delicious

Pasta has got to be one, if not thee most versatile dish there is. Every culture has a form of pasta, that’s how incredibly versatile pasta can be. My Pasta linguine Bonita will become an instant classic in your kitchen.


Simple yet full of flavor.

This pasta is reminiscent of New Orleans to me, my home away from home, my birth place. We all know that New Orleans is a culinary mecca in its own right. And I am so glad, I watched and paid close attention to all the flavors I tasted growing up in New Orleans. Continue Reading…


Pork-Belly-Brunch-Hash Skillet

The idea of brunch just has a way of being ultra fancy, and cool. Combining breakfast and lunch is pure genius! Kudos to whomever started this trend. This recipe for Pork-Belly Hash is surely to become your favorite.

This was my first time cooking with pork belly and it will not! be my last. The saltiness of the pork goes hand in hand with the natural sweetness of the onion and heartiness of the potato. For this recipe I used Yukon Gold potato’s, but feel free to mix it up a bit using sweet potatoes, red potato’s, and if your feeling adventurous purple potato’s. Continue Reading…

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